See ya later, alligator: Farewell from Sydney Shelton


When you are a little kid, you think about graduating from college and getting a big girl (or boy) job. You really have no idea how quickly it comes. In just a few days, I will zip up my gown, put on my cap and walk across the stage to receive my diploma. 

There are times that I thought this day would never come, where I did not know how I would get all the papers written and the events covered. Yet, there were days when I wished time would slow down because I was having the time of my life. Now here I am just days away from taking that walk. While I know I will be returning in the spring to pursue my master’s degree, I keep having to remind myself that I am doing some things for the last time and this chapter of my life is coming to a close. 

My last 2.5 years have been spent at a wonderful university, surrounded by people who have supported me since the day I met them. While here, I have found my family in equipment, where we have bonded over mopping up sweat, washing dirty clothes and watching judge shows. I have found professors that care more about my personal life and how I am doing than an assignment. I have found that nothing beats walking into the Cam on game day except standing in the Joan while “We Are… Marshall” rings through the stadium. 

I have experienced game days in the press box and Wednesday night trivia at the Union. I have been to three fountain ceremony’s, one of which I was able to walk in memory of the late Jeff Nathan, the Parthenon Sports Editor, who died in the plane crash and learned what role I now have as a daughter of Marshall. 

There were a lot of ups and downs, but I would not change a single thing that happened in my life these last few years.  Through those ups and downs, I found my people within the walls of the Parthenon newsroom.

That room quickly became my home after arriving here at Marshall. From naps between classes, to 3 a.m. homework sessions, to print night and everything in-between; that room and the people that I have met along the way have changed my life. Many of my nights have been spent in that room surrounded by a group of people that will be one of my hardest “see ya laters.”

The opportunities that I have received while here at Marshall, most importantly with the Parthenon, have allowed me to travel to more than eight states, attend Conference tournaments and bowl games, cover everything from the Conference USA basketball tournament to the State of the University in D.C. Every single article written, social media video posted, drone flight and page designed changed my life. 

I am forever grateful for Marshall University and for the Parthenon, everything that I have learned and experienced thus far has helped me build the foundation to my life. The Parthenon brought me many experiences, memories and one of my best friends. Thank you, Hanna Pennington, for keeping me sane; we have almost made it! As we walk across the stage in a few days, may we remember today and forever why we chose this university and why we are Marshall. 

For the Marshall Parthenon, and for the last time, I am Sydney Shelton. Go Herd.

Sydney Shelton can be contacted at [email protected]