Members of Marshall and Huntington communities come together during Lunch for a Buck event offered every other Tuesday


Julianna Everly

Members of the Marshall and Huntington communities eat food provided by Highlawn Presbyterian Church during Lunch for a Buck event Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Lunch for a Buck, an event where people can eat a full meal for the price of $1, takes place every other Tuesday at the Campus Christian Center and is open to everyone in the community. 

Every other week, a different church in the area whips up homemade food and brings it to the CCC to feed students, faculty, staff and community members. 

There are often signs placed throughout campus to help students get the information they need for the event, the location and the price.

“It’s a really good cheap meal, and it’s a different meal every time so it’s always a surprise as to what you’re going to get,” Jacob Davis, a junior finance major, said. “Sometimes we get barbeque sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, stuff like that. But it always tastes super good.” 

Students can walk into the CCC and drop a dollar in a basket and are able to eat as much food as they want.

Lunch for a Buck is especially popular amongst community members who do not have a meal plan with Marshall University.

“For those who don’t have a meal plan, like me, it’s just really convenient,” Katie Ferguson, a freshman art education major, said. “You can just come in and pay a dollar, and you get a ton of food.”

Students are also allowed to take food in a to-go box in case they are rushed for time and have somewhere they need to be. 

“I’ve been coming to Lunch for a Buck since my freshman year, and I’ve always really enjoyed it,” Douglas Workman, a junior marketing major, said. “It’s literally only a dollar, and it’s a great time to be able to talk with other students that you go to school with, as well as people in the city.”

Some students say Lunch for a Buck brings a sense of community to campus and stands out from the other dining options on campus.

“Huntington has a lot of great restaurants around us, but if you walk into any of those, you’re just going to sit and mind your own business and eat,” Workman said. “But here you get to socialize with other people as you enjoy your meal, and it’s for a super low price that you won’t get at a fast food restaurant.”

Marshall’s first Lunch for a Buck of the semester was Tuesday, Sept. 9, and the food was provided by Highlawn Presbyterian Church.

“I was definitely not expecting there to be so many people from the community here,” Ferguson said. “I thought it was only going to be students, but I saw a lot of professors here and a lot of nurses from Cabell Huntington Hospital, as well. It was pretty cool.”

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Julianna Everly
Members of Highlawn Presbyterian Church pose for a photo during Lunch for a Buck event Tuesday, Sept. 9.