Marshall graduate returns to university as Newman Center minister

A former Marshall student has taken the spot as the new minister of the Newman Center to continue its traditions as well as try to bring new students into the Newman Center community.

Nicholas Chancey, a graduated student of Marshall University, said he is looking forward to being involved with the Marshall community once again.

“Marshall has always been great to me,” Chancey said. “I was a student here from the year of 2010 to 2015 and it was a very good part of my life. My involvement with the Catholic religion increased during my time as a student here. I made a lot of friendships and connections throughout my walk in Catholicism during my time at Marshall.” 

“After hearing that the former campus minister was leaving, everyone pointed their finger at me to step up to the job,” Chancey said. “I then prayed about it, applied for the job, got interviewed for it and here I am.”

Chancey said some of his plans will be based on how he wants to continue and enhance the traditions of the Newman Center.  

“Something that the Newman Center has done very well is cultivating a culture for students so they can escape from their realities,” Chancey said. “I want to keep that livelihood of the Newman Center, and several ways we can do that is by having bible studies, faith-sharing nights, having the place as a hangout spot for students.”

Chancey also said that he wants to take certain aspects of the Newman Center and improve upon them. 

“I think a place we have to improve on is outreaching to the students,” Chancey said.  “One of the biggest misconceptions of the Newman Center is that many students do not know it exists or that it is exclusively to Catholics which is definitely not the case.  I’m looking forward to taking Marshall Catholicism out from the Newman Center and into campus.”

Chancey has improved outreach by coordinating events with the English department.

“In October we plan on celebrating Newman Week by hosting several events with the help from the English department,” Chancey said.

Chancey’s office is located inside the Newman Center across the street from Corbly Hall.  He said if anyone has questions or concerns about the Newman Center, or just wants a place to hangout, they should feel comfortable stopping by.

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