Jena’s Creative Corner: ‘Carnival craze’

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Jena’s Creative Corner: ‘Carnival craze’

Photo courtesy of Jordan Balestino and Jena Cordle

Photo courtesy of Jordan Balestino and Jena Cordle

Photo courtesy of Jordan Balestino and Jena Cordle


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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a work of fiction, written by a contributor to The Parthenon. This does not reflect The Parthenon’s views. 

Every year in Norfolk, a carnival is thrown. Carnival Craze was a year round event that all townees looked forward to. It was a time when families, teenagers and adults could spend their weekend riding rides, eating junk food and playing. The summer evening called for everyone to come out to have a good time and make memories. One individual in particular did not plan on partaking in any type of Carnival Craze madness. Derek Scott is the average introverted seventeen-year-old that would rather stay in and play video games than go and be social. Until his mom made the conscience decision to kick him out for the night. It was nearing 7 p.m., and he knew he couldn’t hide in his room any longer. 

“Derek! C’mon it’s time to go hun,” his mother yelled. A groan emitted from his mouth in dismay; there was no way he had any interest in leaving his gaming chair that night.

“Coming!” Derek groaned even louder; not only was he dreading to go, but he would be attending with his thirteen-year-old brother Ronnie. The walk downstairs was brutal as every step was a reminder that he’d be spending his Saturday like a normal socially active teenager. 

“But why does Derek have to take me, why can’t I just go with my friends? He doesn’t even want to go!” Ronnie exclaimed.

“You’re right, I don’t,” Derek said, guzzling pop out of the bottle before his mother snatched it away from him. 

“You’ll see your friends there Ron, but you’re going with your brother. Now let’s get in the car,” she stated.

The drive to Carnival Craze was filled with rules of what not to do from his mother and back talk from his brother. Yet he himself stayed quiet. Approaching the big event was somewhat nerve-racking for Derek, as he hadn’t prepared himself for being surrounded by the big crowd that exploded the area. His eyes roamed over the carnival rides and the big Ferris wheel that stood tall over everything and everyone. Ronnie jumped out of the car almost immediately as he went off in search of his friends to be seen the whole night. Derek had friends, but they were home doing what he wished he could be doing. He never expected them to join him. He ventured off by himself with one thing in mind, cotton candy. In line at the cotton candy station he noticed someone familiar, a very pretty girl he has went to school with for years. Her name was Makira, and he almost contemplated even getting any cotton candy. However, his sweet tooth outweighed his shyness. He got in line behind her and never expected her to greet him as he was just there waiting, but instead she turned with a big smile. 

“Hey, Derek! I don’t think I’ve seen you at the carnival before!” She said excitedly. This was odd for him as they didn’t have many interactions with each other, but she was known for being a kind girl, and very beautiful.

“Uh yeah, this would be my first time,” he said nervously to the very friendly girl. 

 “All these years and this is your first time? I’ll take a blue please,” she said while ordering simultaneously.

“Yeah, I’m not one for big crowds or riding rides,” he tried, refraining from the fact that he was both antisocial and has a fear of heights and any roller coaster. 

“No kidding, like not even the Ferris wheel?” She asked curiously while accepting the cotton candy from the cotton candy man.

“Especially not the Ferris wheel. Can I get a blue please too?” He asked while noticing Makira was still waiting for him, which left him a good feeling as she probably had her friends there that she could easily ditch him for. 

“Well, then we have to go on,” she stated, smiling and eating her candy.

“I don’t know, I don’t really like… heights,” he said truthfully. Her face seemed amused as she started laughing. Even though he knew she was laughing at him he still enjoyed watching her. She was a sight for sore eyes, dark skin, kinky curls and a bright smile.

“We’re definitely going,” she said, grabbing his hand but in enough time so he could grab his own cotton candy. She led him to the Ferris wheel, and luckily for them the line wasn’t long at all. Derek felt nervous, he liked that Makira wanted to spend time with him, but really gulped at the thought of being that high. Makira sensed his tension and took a squeeze at his hand.

“It’s okay. I promise you’ll love it,” she said confidently. She radiated confidence, and from someone who was socially awkward and scared of heights, he really admired that. They both were at the front of the line and got in the bright yellow cabin. He was nervous, but the view of the city on one side and the water on the other, with a very calming Makira, calmed his nerves. The car started to move slowly but stop as they let more passengers on. They’re weren’t quite at the top yet as it started to begin the ride.

“It’s not so bad huh?” She asked.

“No it’s not. I don’t like being this high but, it’s kinda nice.” He said almost relaxed. It was beautiful at the time, the sun was setting and it laid a golden hue all over the city. He noticed it really brought out Makiras rich melanin, she really was beautiful.

“I find being up here calming. Normally by myself but I like your company.” She said not making eye contact but looking out into the water.

“Yeah, how come you’re not with your friends?” He asked.

“Sometimes, it’s nice to get away and enjoy things for yourself ya know,” she said with a faint smile.

“Yeah, I do know, but I like this.” He did like what was happening, he had known her for years but never imagined he would be spending his evening with her.

“Good. Where are your friends?” She asked which led him to roll his eyes. His friends are just like him. If only they had pushy moms, could they be having a good time like he is now? “Probably sleeping, eating, or playing video games. We don’t do much,” he chuckled out. 

“Well, you’re here. That must say something about you right?” She asked as the Ferris wheel started to slow to a stop. They hadn’t realized the time that went by while enjoying each other’s company. They weren’t quite at the stop, but nearing to it. That alone made him nervous.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” She asked before getting an answer to her previous question. 

“Yeah, it is.” He looked down to the scramble of people and, as it would normally freak him out, in a way he was at peace.

“You know, it really is worth it to try new things,” she said getting closer to him. At this time he was in awe. 

The night was spent with the two playing games, riding rides and eating good food. He never would have thought he would spend the evening with her having as much fun as he did, let alone enjoying himself at all. In the end he learned that even if we don’t want to, it is worth it to try new things. 

Jena Cordle can be contacted at [email protected]