Campus organizations represented through new SGA branch


Sadie Helmick

Students meet with SGA for its first House of Representatives meeting on Nov. 27.

Marshall University’s Student Government Association had its first House of Representatives meeting Nov. 27. The House of Representatives organization came together for the first time after a long semester of debating how it would exist and the specifics of this new branch of SGA.

Marshall University President Jerry Gilbert made an appearance at the event to express his pride for the leaders of the organizations present.

“It’s so encouraging to see young leaders with such drive to get involved,” Gilbert said. “You all have a lot to be proud of.”

Representatives from official campus organizations met to discuss the mission of the House and responsibilities of participants. The House of Representatives is an executive committee that operates with the intent to get student organizations involved in Marshall’s SGA. The committee has no legislative powers, as law-making and funding still rests in the hands of the Senate.

Elle Sheen, the president of the Marshall University Anime and Manga Association, said she appreciated the idea behind the House of Representatives for what it did in terms of providing opportunities for on-campus organizations.

“I represent a club with a really niche interest, so a lot of the people in my organization are less involved on campus,” Sheen said. “Platforms like this give us all an opportunity to come together and get more involved.”

The House of Representatives was one of the initiatives pushed by Student Body President Hunter Barclay and Student Body Vice President Hannah Petracca in an effort to make SGA a more inclusive organization.

“We really want you guys to feel welcome up here with student government,” Petracca said. “We’re here so we can build a relationship with you guys and hear your concerns. We want to help your organizations thrive.”

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