Former Beach Boy rocks Huntington with old hits

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Former Beach Boy rocks Huntington with old hits

Gretchen Kalar

Gretchen Kalar

Gretchen Kalar


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Brian Wilson, former Beach Boy, brought nostalgia to the audience of the Keith Albee Theater Tuesday, Nov. 2 in Huntington.

Brian Wilson preformed Beach Boys hits along with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin.

“I grew up listening to the Beach Boys,” Dave Pack, Ashland resident and attendee, said. “My dad raised me on the Beach Boys, and it’s very fitting to see Brian Wilson tonight.”

The Beach Boys formed in 1961. Major hits of theirs include “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “Sloop John B,” “Good Vibrations,” “Surfer Girl” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice.”

“Brian Wilson is just a pure musical genius,” Walter Fitzpatrick, Huntington resident said. “I grew up in southern California listening to their music. They are the band that I’ve loved forever.”

Wilson preformed hits from the Pet Sounds album. Songs included “Carline, No,” “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times,” “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)” and “I’m Waiting For The Day,” among others.

“It was very experimental in its time,” Fitzpatrick said. “The Beatles were dumbfounded by his music.”

Beat Root Revival, a multi-instrumentalist roots duo, was the opening act for Wilson.

“I’d always been a massive fan of Brian Wilson,” Ben Jones of Beat Root Revival said. “I had seen him 18 times in 20 years. To get asked to be the opening act for this tour was one of those things you couldn’t manifest in your wildest dream.”

Beat Root Revival formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 2017.

“This tour has been a life changing experience,” Andrea Magee of Beat Root Revival said.

Members of the crowd stood up to dance during the concert.

“We grew up with them. Found memories, light, airy, care-free, good sounds.” Larry and Cheryl Tweel of Huntington said.  “It was mixed emotions this evening. We’ve seen them when they were younger and healthier and it’s nostalgic and sad. A combination of warm memories and realizing she and I are growing old too.”

People in the pit had space to dance around during the concert.

“Their music started the year I was born and I still know all of the words to their music,” Shonda Young of Huntington said. “I never thought in my days that I’d be dancing to Brian Wilson and Al. I’m so proud of Marshall Artists Series always bringing us new and different things even if it’s from the past. It’s great because they would never come here but I love live entertainment in Huntington.”

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