Intercultural Talent Show at Marshall allows students to showcase talents


Rachel Riddle

Winners of the Intercultural Talent Show.

Marshall University’s Intercultural Hispanic Organization collaborated with the Student Government Association to organize the Intercultural Talent Show Tuesday night in the Memorial Student Center’s Don Morris room. Participants demonstrated their talents before a panel of judges and an audience. Students’ talents ranged from singing and poetry to musical instruments and magic performances.

The goal of the event was to celebrate the diversity of Marshall’s campus and allow students to express their talents freely.

“Marshall is a very diverse campus, so we really wanted to embrace diversity,” Gretel Toloza Alvarez, president of the Intercultural Hispanic Organization, said. “We want to show the beauty of being diverse and show that everyone has a special talent, and when we all come together we can do great things.”

Alvarez planned the event herself and said she wanted to explore and celebrate the many cultural backgrounds that make up Marshall’s campus. She said her purpose for the event was to allow students to overcome stereotypes and celebrate their talents in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

After the performances, the judges tallied the winner’s scores. Trophies were given to the top three performers. The first place trophy went to Tyson Childers’ magic act.

“I grew up watching my grandfather do magic,” Childers, junior accountant major, said. “It’s something I picked up from him and enjoy doing. I’ve also worked with kids my whole life and it’s great to do with them.”

Other performances such as Appalachian poetry, Christian rap and Spanish and Japanese singing performances displayed the diversity within Marshall’s student body. Anyone was welcome to perform.

“We were definitely glad to see a very diverse group on the stage, it was just about bringing your talent, good or bad, whatever you want to do,” said journalism major and Miss Marshall candidate Buffy Six.

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