Marshall University fraternities begin fall recruitment

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Marshall University fraternities begin fall recruitment

LeAnna Owens

LeAnna Owens

LeAnna Owens


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Marshall University’s fraternities begin formal recruitment this Monday and finish Saturday Sept. 2.

“Individual fraternities on campus will be hosting events all week for potential new members to find the fraternity that best fits them,” Nick Wright, director of fraternity and sorority life, said.

Potential new members gathered Monday and listened to a guest speaker, Matt Farrell, discussing the joys and benefits of fraternity life and how to give back to the community.

Cameron Sherwood, the Marshall University Inter-Fraternity Council president, talked about his personal experience being in a fraternity.

“Belonging to something greater than yourself is just one advantage of many when joining a fraternity,” Sherwood said.

The Marshall fraternities perform numerous community service projects and sponser events during the semester.

“Fraternities keep you on track to be the best man you can be,” Sherwood  said. “You build relationships not only with your brothers but also the rest of the Greek community, the sense of accountability and belonging to something larger than yourself are huge in joining fraternity.”

Sherwood said his own experience in a fraternity led him to build strong leadership skills and hold major positions for fraternity life including his position as IFC president. He said joining a fraternity can be extremely beneficial to young men on Marshall’s campus.

“It’s an amazing feeling to help your community,” Sherwood said.

At the end of recruitment week there will be a “Bid Day” where potential new members are offered membership to a fraternity. Many fraternities are open to finding new members who benefit their chapter.

“Here at Kappa Sigma, we are open to recruit any man that is willing to put in the time and effort to be involved within our local community,” Zach Smith, member of Kappa Sigma, said.

“Some fraternities, such as Alpha Sigma Phi, see new members as an opportunity to better men everywhere and promote our values,” Shawn Grigoraci, Alpha Sigma Phi president, said. Grigoraci said he thinks recruitment is going well this semester due, in part, to the help of the Inter-Fraternity Council.

This semester’s fraternity registration is over, however, in a few months spring registration will be open and men from all over campus can register.

“Fraternities often are subject to negative stereotypes and rumors,” Sherwood said. “However, at the end of the day, you know that no matter what, there are men that have your back.”

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