Greek Week concludes with Greek Sing

Greek Week comes to a close after vigorous competitions in sports, community service and dances.

Throughout the week, Greek Life had tournaments for volleyball, chariot races, basketball, flag football and soccer. There was also a picnic for the Greek community to get to know each other better and a day of philanthropy to help support the Huntington community.

“We have a social responsibility to take care of the community that we live in,” Nick Wright, the director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, said. “The larger community is able to see that we are here and trying to help.”

Greek Week ended with the annual Greek Sing performance at the Keith-Albee. This performance consisted of a Ferris Bueller cast, Disney villains and more battling it out with synchronized dances.

Michaela Christman, president of Sigma Sigma Sigma, said Greek Sing is often a favorite to the community because of the creativity.

“The competition is fun and it’s different,” Christman said. “People are creative and come with different themes, so people are always interested in how the themes are portrayed.”

After the performances concluded, the students were ready to hear who was going to win. There were multiple awards given, including Greek Sing winners and Greek Week winners. A representative from Harmony House also attended the show to talk about the work the Greek community did over the week for both Harmony House and Lily’s place.

Delta Zeta triumphed as winners in the sorority division of Greek Week as a whole and winners of the Greek Sing competition. The group wowed the audience with an army themed dance that proved to work well for them.

The fraternity competition consisted of two overall winners, with Alpha Sigma winning Greek Sing with a Toy Story themed performance. Alpha Tau Omega conquered Greek Week with wins in volleyball, chariot races, flag football and soccer.

“It felt great because the foundation from our alumni and the work from our active members has been so great,” Brigham Warf, a sophomore member of ATO, said. “We came in and just wanted to build on that, and it was great.”

Other awards were also up for grabs, as Harmony House presented community service awards for the FSL office to the chapter that collected the most cans, Alpha Sigma Phi, and created the most care packages, Alpha Tau Omega, from Tuesday’s community service event.

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