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Capstone presentations continue at Visual Arts Center


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Landon Mitchell
Senior Karianne Fischer stands by her “Huntington Herd” mural, unveiled Monday during the second tier of senior capstone exhibitions at the Visual Arts Center.

The Visual Arts Center revealed the second tier of the senior capstone exhibitions Monday, featuring five students’ works that focus on world and social issues.

Graphic arts major Karianne Fischer painted a mural emphasizing gender issues titled “Huntington Herd.”

“So, I made a mural that would be located in downtown Huntington, and there’s three buffalos,” Fischer said. “Each one represents a different color to identify with a certain gender and you could take a picture with whichever one you would identify with.”

David Noel’s project was a piece of animation titled “Military Society,” featuring footage of the Disney film “Aladdin” mixed with military radar effects.

“This body of work is conceptually driven – characterized by precise implementation and choice of material,” Noel said in his capstone statement. “Cultural artifacts serve as a reference by providing accessibility and context.”

Photography major Christina Rodes made trash and pollution of Huntington the focus of her piece, “Ending Endless Waste,” in which she combines a painting, photographs and various pieces of trash.

“The work in general aims to bring awareness to the lack of recycling that we have here in our community,” Rodes said. “And also, to make my viewers aware of just how much we, as a society, throw away all the time, every single day, and how these little things really add up to something enormous.”

Focusing on animal extinction, Victoria Stingo combined digital and physical elements, such as clay in “The Animal Community: The Sixth Extinction Crisis.”

“Through clay, I have created human-orientated objects that represent the reasons that certain animals are currently on the endangered species list or already extinct,” Stingo said in her capstone statement. “With my design skills, I created decals and a wall vinyl infographic explaining the relationship between each of the pieces on display.”

Myki McDorman’s piece “Immigrant Faces” consisted of posters of the faces of various immigrants in the style of propaganda posters.

“I want to show that immigrants are more than just ‘those Mexicans’ like so many seem to immediately think,” McDorman said in her capstone statement.

The third and final group of students will display their projects Nov. 27 to Nov. 30, with a reception on Nov. 27 at 5 p.m.

Landon Mitchell can be reached at [email protected]

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