Participants to explore identity through writing during 5th Annual Monologues Project

Alison Baldridge, Reporter

The Fifth Annual Monologues Project, an event featuring performances that explore sexuality, gender and identity, will take place Wednesday 4-6 p.m. in Room 339 of Corbly Hall and offer writing workshops to help those interested get started on pieces they would like to submit.

Wendi Kozma, English instructor, will teach the first workshop for the Monologues Project.

“At the writing workshop, participants can draft letters, poems, short stories, nonfiction pieces, plays, monologues and other types of works that relate to this year’s theme of “He Said, She Said, They Said,” Kozma said.

Dr. Kristen Lillvis, associate professor of English, has been involved in organizing the Monologues Project for the last four years.

Lillvis said the Monologues Project was created to help members of the community share their stories about identity, especially as related to gender, sexuality and the body.

“Our stories are serious, lighthearted, sad and funny,” Lillvis said. “Sometimes, they are difficult to listen to and are extremely moving, and other times they will make you laugh. Our stories are as diverse and complex as we are. The Monologues Project is a chance to tell those stories you’ve always wanted to.”

Liz Deal from CONTACT Rape Crisis Center, along with many Women’s Studies faculty at Marshall, have been organizing Monologues events on campus for years. Eventually, the events were transformed into a project that focuses on local stories.

“The Monologues Project is very beneficial for those that participate,” Lillvis said. “People will get a chance to express their feelings about identity. Considering this year’s theme is ‘He Said, She Said, They Said,’ individuals will be able to enter a conversation about identity and also make sure their voices are heard.”

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