Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Landon Mitchell, Reporter

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Halloween is here, but not everyone may have a costume.

Even so, most students may find that some costumes tend to be high-priced.

To go with the financially-challenging obstacles that may come with attending college, students around Marshall’s campus were able to provide ideas and tips for simple costumes.

Freshmen Danielle Dotson and Emily Reeves recommended animal costumes. Dotson, who once dressed up as a deer, said she wore a plain brown shirt with a white circle, her hair in buns and makeup on her face. Reeves said she did the same thing but as a cheetah.

Going with a well-known simple design that has been around for decades, two freshmen recommended using a white sheet or a black sheet, cutting holes out, and being either a ghost or the grim reaper.

Nursing student Brad Chenault suggested “Three Hole-Punch Jim” from the TV show “The Office” by taking any type of shirt, taking three cut-out black circles and taping them on the shirt.

Junior Mary Crow suggested going as a pinball machine by using  a shirt and a red skirt. Crow said to take a bag of puff balls and glue them on the shirt.

Junior Katelyn Clendenen gave tips to anyone looking to make a costume, suggesting students check their closets, as well as Goodwill and thrift stores, for any clothing or supplies that could be turned into a costume.

“There’s always prom dresses,” Clendenen said. “You can always turn a prom dress into something else.” “Rip it up, there’s a zombie costume with a little bit of makeup.”

These students prove that costumes can come from multiple ideas or supplies.

Other students may have ideas for simple costumes that come from media, popular figures, animals, objects or unique ideas that could be made for little to no cost.

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