School of Pharmacy to preview profession to prospective students

Alison Baldridge, Reporter

Marshall University’s School of Pharmacy is offering a Fall Preview Day Oct. 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Marshall’s School of Pharmacy for students considering joining the program. Registration for the event is required for entry.

Fall Preview Day gives prospective high school and college students the opportunity to learn about the School of Pharmacy’s curriculum, active learning environment, and about pharmacy as a profession in general.

The event is in its third year and takes place each semester to give students a first-hand look at what Marshall’s pharmacy program is like, the best practices for applying and interviewing and the possible career opportunities that completing a PharmD can provide.

Megan Russell, Director of Recruitment and Developmen, said the event was established to give students an opportunity to visit the school’s campus and see their facilities.

“We are located at the Coon Education Building at the VA Hospital in West Huntington, so many students would not see us on a regular campus tour,” Russell said. “Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to showcase our ‘Active Learning’ environments, which makes us unique in comparison to other pharmacy programs across the nation.”

“At the School of Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on offering a hands-on, collaborative learning environment for our students.”

Students will participate in different sessions, including admissions information, a compounding lab, an Active Learning class session, careers in pharmacy and a Q&A with their student ambassadors. 

Students will also receive a tour and have the chance to talk to the departments during the “Pharmacy Fair.” 

Participants include the Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, Office of Experiential Learning, Financial Aid, Park Place Apartments and a number of student organizations.

Leah Payne, Director of Public Affairs, said the Fall Preview Day will be very beneficial for the students.

“The Fall Preview Day is always a fun and informative event for prospective students,” Payne said. “It’s helpful for our potential students and any time we showcase our program it’s a great day.”

Payne said she is excited over the event and is ready for new students to enter the School of Pharmacy.

“We are excited to welcome students to our campus,” Payne said. “It’s always great when we get to talk about what we love most, which is pharmacy education. We consider ourselves a ‘pharmily’ and hope that visiting students will see our dedication to academic and personal support, as well as pharmacy as a profession.”

Payne said anyone interested in attending the event can contact her by email at [email protected].

Alison Baldridge can be contacted at [email protected].