SGA establishes secretary of diversity and inclusion

Kyra Biscarner , Reporter

The Marshall University Student Government Association began working on a new era for the executive branch in student government Tuesday when it confirmed Alexis Tyson as the new secretary of diversity and inclusion.

Tyson, a senior finance and economics major, was earlier confirmed by the judiciary committee 7-1 before her appointment was moved to the senate floor. The senate opened discussion on Tyson before voting and eventually confirming her appointment.

Student Body President Matt Jarvis spoke on Tyson’s behalf as she could not be in attendance for the meeting. Jarvis said Tyson was at the top of their list of candidates because of her experience and approach.

“Her experiences both at Marshall and outside of Marshall and the different approach that she brings was something that we knew we needed for the position,” Jarvis said.

Concerns from the Senate came from a feeling of unease with exactly what the position would entail and how she was chosen as the best fit.

“This position is dealing with everyone,” Jarvis said. “This has dealings with different cultures, different beliefs, different ideas, different sexual preferences and different religions. Her goal is to celebrate those differences and show everyone just how connected we all are.”

Tyson currently serves as the president of Black United Students, and she has previously served as the Business Manager for SGA.

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