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Column: Common Misconceptions


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Kyrgyzstan is a small country located in Central Asia. We share a border with other beautiful central Asian countries like China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Although, geographically located between its own mountains, Kyrgyzstan had an important role as a part of the great historical Silk Road trade route. The history of the land Kyrgyzstan and the Kyrgyz people goes back more than 2,000 years. In 1991, we declared independence from Moscow, as a consequence our democratic government was established. Kyrgyz and Russian languages are the of-ficial languages. Kyrgyzstan is a faithful country with an appetizing cuisine and active lifestyle.

Our country is secular and the most common religion is Islam. However, the religion is not involved in the government’s ruling system. Islam leads people in Kyrgyzstan to believe that everyone should be peaceful and respectful to each other, as well as it teaches how to properly deal with others, whether they are Muslims or not. Further-more, Islamic holidays are celebrated with delight and pleasure, which makes people look forward to them annually. These sort of activities make relationships strong among people.

Every country is known for something and my country is recognized for meat-based cuisine. Our cuisine is similar in many aspects to cuisines of other Central Asian countries. Meat is a substantive part of our cuisine, types of meat revolve around mutton, beef and horse. Every day we consume at least one dish prepared with meat. Our cuisine has been devel-oping since our ancestors took place in Central Asia.

Common occupations in my country are business, in the field of agriculture and tourism. Since most of our land is covered by mountains it is fairly effortless for the population to get along with breeding animals. Our climate allows us to breed animals. Great nature is the most important element that attracts people from around the globe. High mountains, clean rivers and unconquered glaciers are all paramount aspects of our great nature that make tourists encouraged to arrive.

In conclusion, our beautiful land is a wonderful thing for us to be proud of. Faith is a main aspect that builds amiability in people. Pleasure received from eating will be everlasting. An active lifestyle makes people enjoy their life. Kyrgyzstan is a land of incredible natural beauty.

This column was submitted as an assignment for an INTO Marshall writing class.

The instructor, Saba Gebrehiwot, can be contacted at [email protected]

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