Students to discuss what is funny in 2017

Many current comedians revolve around the idea that since they are joking, they can talk about anything, but what happens when that joke goes too far?

Students and faculty will have the opportunity to gather Thursday and discuss this topic among others at Laughter and Respect. This will be held at the Memorial Student Center from 6 to 7 p.m. in room 2W22.

“The event is part of our leadership series,” said Meena Elango, assistant resident director for Marshall Commons. “We get students to start participating in some type of active discussion. We want them to come to the series and learn about where we draw the line about what isn’t funny and we look at different comedians and talk about it.”

This event is an opportunity to challenge students’ ideas and hear their opinions on the topic. Gabriel Poindexter, resident director of Marshall Commons, will lead the discussion. Fifteen minutes of the time will be spent discussing the topic and the rest of the time will be an open forum of discussion.

“We want to hear what students have to say, because I feel like every year we get a new set of students. I feel like we learn something from them, but they can learn something from each other,” Elango said.

Elango said although many universities have a seminar discussing similar ideas, she wanted to provide something different.

“I did not want it to be something where someone comes and just listens to someone lecture,” Elango said. “I said okay, how can I merge the two, where they get something out of it, but then can also learn from each other. So that is where this whole leadership series was born.”

Although the series is geared toward students, it is open to all.

“It is geared towards students, but I would love for any type of faculty member or anyone. I want people to be able to come and talk and meet new people,” Elango said.

The leadership series will cover many other topics, including employer needs, colorism and living in a global world. The topics have a wide range to reach as many students as possible.

“The leadership series started last semester, but due to some difficulties we couldn’t really advertise it the way we wanted to, so this semester it actually started in January for our first one and will go all the way to April for our last one,” Elango said.

The next event in the leadership series will be held March 30 with Exploring Employer Needs.

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