PINK bus makes unplanned stop at Marshall

The Victoria’s Secret PINK bus visited Marshall’s campus Monday as an added stop on its 2016 campus tour.

The PINK bus has traveled to campuses all over the nation to celebrate the release of their new active line and game day gear.

According to PINK campus representative Alexandra Fragale, Marshall was not an original stop on the 2016 tour.

“They were on their way to Virginia Tech and they were excited how well our sales have been going, so they decided to throw us in there on the tour,” Fragale said.

All of the items shown on the bus are new gear coming to stores later this month. All Marshall apparel was and will be 20 percent off.

“We’ve had a steady line all day. Hundreds of girls have come through and stopped on the bus, which is really exciting for us,” said Clara Maynard, PINK campus representative. “Hopefully it will make us a permanent stop on future tours.”

Some of the new items include Marshall long sleeves, sweatshirts and leggings.

“Something really cool is that a percentage of the licensing fee does go to scholarships at Marshall,” Maynard said. “So, every sale we make, benefits the university.”

Alexis Leach can be contacted at [email protected].