Art students tie up “Loose Ends” in art exhibit

Dead Week marks the near-end of the semester, when students cram last-minute for that stressful final. The end of the academic year is so close one can almost taste it and for six Marshall University arts students, the week represents the completion of a labor or love. “Loose Ends,” the senior capstone exhibition presented by arts students Ashley Loftis, Paige Grimaldi, Jacqueline Gentner, Kat Hatford, Eryn Wilson and Lydia Lake premiered April 25 at the Visual Arts Center. With materials ranging from fibers, fabric, photography and interior design elements, the project marked the culmination of the students’ artistic education at Marshall University.

“’Loose Ends’ pretty much represented the combination of different ideas into a singular working show,” Wilson said. “The six of us, though we consisted of 3 different majors like photography, graphic design and fibers, still managed to kind some kind of center for all our pieces to come together in harmony. To sum it up, six students, three different majors, one working show.”

Reviewed by Marshall’s Visual Arts jury, the exhibit will be on display until Friday.

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