Up close and personal: students reflect on spring semester slump


Lukas Hagley

Thomas Cavender

The final week of the spring semester is so class students can almost taste it. The weather has gotten warm again, so students flood the Memorial Student Center plaza daily and Drinko is constantly packed to capacity. To help alleviate some end-of-the-year stress, The Parthenon spoke to several of Marshall University’s best and brightest who offered advice on preparedness. Finals week affects every student, so the more information one can glean from those who have taken on the task already, the more confident one can feel.

Ciana Crawford, nursing major

I would say, students should leave their house and go somewhere quiet to work. You cannot study in your living room while watching television; it’s not really possible to make good grades on your finals that way. You should change it up and not study in the same place. Sometimes I like to go to the library or go to a friend’s house; it helps to study in different places so that you don’t get bored of what you’re doing. There are also a lot of ways that you can study. Sometimes I’ll watch videos, or make flashcards. The best way I can remember notes from class is by talking to my classmates.

Sa-Rai Robinette, freshman Undecided

Drop out. Don’t go. Don’t do it. Don’t hate yourself. Love yourself. The world is your oyster. Finally, eat food that is good for you.

Christina Rhodes, junior Photography major

Try your hardest to always keep up with everything. If you do a little bit of work at a time and consistently stay on top of it, finals and midterms won’t be nearly as stressful.

Thomas Cavender, junior Music Major

Don’t necessarily wait until the last minute to start studying, but I don’t think you should bust your own chops by studying constantly, either. I know a lot of people spend weeks and weeks studying for a final, but find that it didn’t really do anything. Some people have test anxiety and they can’t really perform that well under pressure. So I would say to take studying seriously, but not too seriously. Find a balance.

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