Young Dems provide positive outlet for commentary on negative campaign


Ryan Fischer

Students place sticky notes with why they don’t support Donald Trump at the Young Democrat’s #MUAgainstHate table Tuesday in the Memorial Student Center lobby.

The Marshall University Young Democrats provided students an opportunity to express why they stand against Donald Trump Tuesday.

The Young Democrats set up a poster at the Memorial Student Center on which students could post a note stating why they stand against Trump. The table and poster were in response to the Trump related chalk messages on campus in recent weeks.

Sophia Mills, senior political science major and president of the Young Democrats, said she wanted to set up the table and poster to give students a place to voice their opinions.

Mills said when she saw the chalk supporting Trump she worried about the students who might have felt excluded, specifically, the INTO students. Mills said she wanted to ensure everyone on campus knew that people stood against Trump as well.

One student explained he stands against Trump because he does not think the he represents America.

Junior education major Jay-Michael Cisco said when Trump speaks about the “good old days,” he is referring to a time that was only good for straight white men.

Cisco said the people of America are more diverse and open-minded than Trump.

“That’s not who we are,” Cisco said.

On his note for the poster, Cisco wrote “I stand against Trump because he doesn’t speak for the majority of America.”

Mills said she hopes to display the poster in the near future to keep opinions visible and show what the organization is about.

The Young Democrats aim to promote progressive values and policies and to show students others share their beliefs. They also offer help to any student who wishes to register to vote.

The Young Democrats will have a meeting 6:30 p.m. Thursday. in Harris Hall that is open to everyone. During the meeting, members will nominate students for leadership positions for next year.

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