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The readers submitted some questions about life, love and everything in between. I answered them as honest as I knew possible. I’m here to keep it real with you when no one else is and to answer with no judgment because I don’t know you! I’m just a college junior who enjoys giving his opinion. Here are some of the questions I got this week:

What do you think would be a good first date idea?

I like the simple things. A first date in my opinion is all about getting to know one another. If the weather is nice you could get coffee and sit somewhere with a nice view. The weather has been really nice, so I’m thinking of tons of spring things you could do, like a quiet outside lunch or picnic. Cleary all I’m thinking about is eating and drinking. Once you get to know one another start having some fun, maybe go bowling or go cart racing.

What are some fun and cheap things to do in Huntington?

As I think of things to do in Huntington, all I can think about is going out to eat and Pottery Place. I know you can find cheap places to eat, but I’ve never been to Pottery Place, so that I don’t know about.

What are your favorite places to eat?

I love to eat! I love Ruby Tuesday, Outback and TGI Friday’s. If you’re talking locally I am in love with The Tortilla Factory, Fat Patty’s and O’ Charley’s. I’m sure O’ Charley’s is a chain restaurant but I’ve only seen one around here.

How do I get hips like you?

You’re funny. I don’t know what to tell you. I got these from my mamma. My hips aren’t something that I just got all of a sudden. I was big all my life and was eating really bad and then I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and lost a lot of weight when I was 18. After that I just started to gain weight again and here I am.

Do you have any tips on how I can prevent stressing out at the end of the semester?

If I were talking to another upper classman, my response would be you tell me. I would love to know because I am the king of stressing myself out. If this is a freshman asking, then I would tell you to start the semester off strong and learn to manage your time wisely. You have to learn to be your biggest motivator and to push yourself to do well and get things done. Remember to breath and do your best to relax.

To have your question answered you can drop them off in the labeled box in the Parthenon lab for next week or email them at [email protected].