Senior pharmacy student recognized as author


Marshall University School of Pharmacy fourth year student Jennifer C. Miller, B.S. and graduate veterinarian and professor of pharmacology Inder Sehgal, D.V.M., Ph.D. recently published an instructional design and assessment article in the “American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education.” The article “A Veterinary Comparative Counseling Elective Featuring Web-based, Student-created, Client Information Sheets” marks the first time a school of pharmacy student published as a first time author in a peer-reviewed research article since the school’s establishment in 2012.

The study was designed by Miller and Sehgal to review an elective class on veterinary pharmacy currently offered at the university. A growing number and complex animal-related prescriptions are being referred to retail community pharmacies, according to the authors.

Miller said the course instructed students on comparative animal disease states, counseling on common pet prescriptions, where to access information about specific veterinary drugs and how to create client information sheets, which are educational documents for pet owners.

Sehgal said during the semester-long class, students learned hands-on skills like how to feel for lymph nodes, how to administer a pill and how to instruct pet owners on recognizing symptoms in their pets. Students also studied how commonly prescribed human drugs are tolerated by animals.

“There are about 35 pharmacy schools in the country offering veterinary-related elective courses, but there is no standardized format for competencies,” said Sehgal who teaches the class.

Several active-learning activities were part of the course for students, including field trips to a local dog park and visiting two local compounding pharmacies.

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