Marshall libraries feature Women’s History Month displays


Son Nguyen

Drinko Library and Morrow Library celebrate Women’s History Month with display honoring women in history.

Drinko Library and Morrow Library are celebrating Women’s History Month with their annual displays of books and documents featuring women who have impacted history.

The Morrow Library Government Documents Department has its display located on the first floor of Morrow in the Government Documents section. The display features documents published by the federal government about women throughout history.

Graduate and Government Documents librarian Kat Phillips said a lot of the documents on display this month are documents people would not necessarily think of Marshall having or even think of as government documents.

“It’s kind of like a treasure trove back there of really, really cool information,” Phillips said. “And it really does do justice to the women who have really helped further women’s rights within the government and all the major roles that they played.”

Director of Morrow Library Majed Khader said it is also important to put the display up because Morrow Library believes in supporting the curriculum at Marshall. Khader said it is part of its initiative to educate the students and general public about the resources available for them to use for their research or interests.

To choose pieces for the display, Government Documents library associate Sue Ellen Bell said they pick documents people ask for frequently and then they try to pick documents from different departments, like women in agriculture, engineering and health sciences.

Bell said Morrow Library has many more documents about women than the selection it has in its display and some of its best documents are featured in the Drinko Library Women’s History Month display.

The Drinko Library display is located in the glass display case on the third floor.

Graduate assistant for Drinko Library Malak Khader said part of her job is to put together the displays for Drinko Library.

The focus of the Women’s History Month display this year is women in politics, which Malak Khader said is a little more specific.

“Celebrating women is a great thing, but we need to start pointing out specific actions in women to celebrate,” Malak Khader said.

Malak Khader said many women do not get a chance to be on a political platform and if they are it is in a minor role. Malak Khader said they are trying to put a spotlight on women in politics because people don’t really hear about them.

Malak Khader said most of what students can see in the Drinko Library display is books. The library chooses the books based on what it has available in their collection in relation to the theme of the display and which books it wanta to highlight.

Malak Khader said choosing the books is a matter of what sparks their interest the most and whatever they think people would find interesting.

Although the government documents and books in both libraries are on display, they are still accessible to students. In Drinko Library, students may go to the front desk on the first floor to ask for assistance accessing a book or document in the display case.

The publications in each library will be on display for the entire month of March.

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