What happens in Vegas….stays on the menu at La Famiglia


Megan Osborne

La Famiglia prepare to attend International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas this weekend.

Las Vegas isn’t always Sin City. Ralph Hagy and Jordan Hagy said they try to remember what happens in Vegas. The father and son duo are using the International Pizza Expo as an educational and learning tool to roll out the best pizzas at their restaurant.

Jordan Hagy and his father will attend their second expo this weekend when they travel to Las Vegas Sunday.

Jordan Hagy said the expo is filled with hundreds of exhibits that teach everything from changing a restaurant’s menu to changing the tomatoes used on a margherita pizza.

The pizzas made at La Famiglia are Neapolitan style. This style is unique to the Huntington area and requires all ingredients to come from Italy.

“The way you keep your food unique is to make it yourself,” Jordan Hagy said. “You can’t replicate homemade.” The attention to detail and dedication to homemade, authentic food requires La Famiglia to order flour and other essential ingredients from Italy. Jordan Hagy said one day he hopes the restaurant can use local farmers to supply them with fresh produce.

Jordan Hagy said he hopes to learn more about the Neapolitan style at the pizza expo this year. “Everyone uses the same ingredients, but there is so much to be learned from different techniques,” Jordan Hagy said.

When the father and son duo return from Las Vegas after the pizza expo, expect little changes and tweaks on the menu. The restaurant is open 5 – 9 p.m. every day of the week except Sunday and Monday. For a lunch option, the Hagy family opened Mulberry Street Meatball Company and Deli.

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