Amazon and COB create internships for Marshall students

Marshall University’s College of Business students were offered new opportunities through Amazon.

At the beginning of the semester, Amazon representatives reached out to the Lewis College of Business to start an internship program with them.

Marshall’s own Glen Midkiff helped organize the program with Amazon. Midkiff said he is extremely impressed with what Amazon is offering students. Midkiff said Amazon has employees mentoring the students so they understand the job.

“They aren’t just dropping them off and leaving them in the middle of a job to fight for themselves,” Midkiff said, “They are giving them the skills to be successful in that job.”

Midkiff said the offer is an eight-week program and that eight COB students are currently participating in the program.

The first week teaches students leadership skills, the company’s principles and basic training. The following week, students are put into the role of a customer service manager or agent. Students work on different projects while working as a CSM.

“They have to answer calls and deal with customer service issues or problems,” Midkiff said.

According to Midkiff, Amazon was focused on forming a relationship with the COB to start this internship program.

“They felt that was key in order to have a successful internship program that they had a good relationship with a college,” Midkiff said, “It’s almost like brand identity; they are developing their brand with our college and with our students so our students are comfortable.”

Midkiff said that international student Yogan Narasimha Anurag Sarika was offered the internship because of his work as a customer service associate in India. Unfortunately, Sarika was unable to accept the offer because of his course work this semester, but said he plans to apply again to work with Amazon.

“Internships are the opportunities where we can prove our worth to the company by working hard and displaying our potential,” Sarika said. “And also these internships are a great source of learning to develop our knowledge and work with different regions of people.”

Sarika said his job as a customer service associate taught him a lot. Sarika also said he believes the internship will help him just as much in the future.

“As a customer service associate, I have learned how to be honest, supportive and always positive with the customers,” Sarika said. “Also, I have understood that customer satisfaction is the primary thing, which fetches the company more and more customers. Hence, no matter what we should treat every customer valuably.”

Midkiff said students seem to be enjoying the program.  Midkiff said this opportunity is great for the COB because it is with a company that is not going anyway anytime soon. Amazon also has locations in different areas of the world. If interns are hired, they can be transferred.

Midkiff said the goal of this internship is to train students and hopefully hire them in the future. Internships are often viewed as a great way of hiring the best. The Amazon internship program is open to students of all majors.

Cheyenne Debolt can be contacted at [email protected].