Sanders campaign to visit Huntington

Marshall students have a difference in opinion about Bernie Sanders being in Huntington, but most agree it is beneficial for students to attend the rally.

Many students are excited to see him arrive and think his visit is a good move on his campaign. Junior political science major Sophia Mills has already voted for Sanders in Ohio and she’s particularly excited for him to be here.

“I think it’s really cool that he’s coming to Huntington, especially since West Virginia isn’t really Democratic state,” Mills said. “I don’t think that’s a good excuse for Democratic candidates to ignore West Virginia and take it for granted, because we have issues that are important to us and I think its good candidates are coming here.”

Sophomore social work major Tyler Victor said it’s cool that Sanders is coming because a lot of student support him. He said students support Sanders because he understands.

“A lot of his policies will benefit not only me, but also my future kids,” Victor said. “He’s the only one thinking about us that kind of get lost in the middle; college students, the middle class. He’s the only one trying to help and not just saying what he needs to get our votes.”

Sophomore History Major Khalil Anderson said he is looking forward to seeing Sanders because he wants to learn more about his policies.

“I want to see what he’s about and who his with,” Anderson said. “As far as the African American part, I do agree with everything he’s doing because he’s been there. That picture is a lot in itself, of him fighting for us and two, he’s with the young people. He knows the old ways are out.”

Not all students are supportive of Sanders and his ideas. Many students aren’t politically involved and aren’t sure who to vote for this election season.

Junior communication studies major Evan Robinson said he doesn’t care and he doesn’t think it matters that Sanders is visiting.

“I feel like he’s picking the small states he knows he is going to win,” Robinson said, “Either way, he’s picking too late in the game to do anything.”

Robinson doesn’t agree with Sanders minimum wage and tax break stances.

Senior social studies education and History Major Clay Arens said he isn’t voting for Sanders because he is a moderate conservative and Sanders ideas do not align with his own, but he does think students should attend the rally.

“I do it’s beneficial for students to see a political rally because it gives them more knowledge on the different fields the candidate supports,” Arens said, “It will inform them a little more about their views and if they actually align, because some people support a candidate, but they don’t actually know what they stand for. Going to a debate or a rally like that and they can help you know what the candidate is all about.”

The doors open tomorrow at 5:30 PM at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. RSVPs are recommended.

Cheyenne DeBolt can be contacted at [email protected].