Students get competitive with Rec group fitness


Elayna Conard

Students complete a round of exercises during a Studio X session on Wednesday.

Studio X at the Marshall Rec Center is not your average workout.

With spring break just a month away and summer fast approaching, the above average workout may be just what some students need to meet their personal training goals.

Studio X officially begins next week but has been offering free trial classes this week. The program is a fast-paced, high intensity workout that changes every day. It consists of 10 exercises that last 40 seconds each with a 20-second rest period before moving on to the next exercise. A complete circuit takes 10 minutes to complete but participants are encouraged to complete three rounds for optimal results.

Personal Training Coordinator Chris Lane said Studio X provides premium personal training at a fraction of the cost. The attention by the trainers during the circuit allows for one on one attention in a group exercise environment.

Starting the week of Feb. 22, members of the Rec Center will need to buy a package to be able to take Studio X classes. The member rate is $25 for 5 sessions and $40 for 10 sessions. Non-members of the Rec Center can purchase a guest pass to gain access to Studio X. No appointment is necessary.

One more opportunity for a free Studio X experience will be available Thursday from 6-8 p.m. on the second floor of the Rec. Members can drop in any time to complete as many circuits as possible.

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