Huntington named among “WV Amazing Cities for 2015”

Huntington was named as a “WV Amazing City for 2015” by the consulting organization Amazing Cities at the WV Municipal League Mid-Winter Conference on Jan. 17-18.


According to a press release from the organization, Huntington was selected based on work in leadership, innovation and creativity, along with Lewisburg and Logan.


Amazing Cities founder Jim Hunt said Huntington was selected based on efforts to combat the use of illegal drugs and physical improvements made to the city.


“The idea is really to kind of spotlight cities that are doing some outstanding work,” Hunt said. “The work that Huntington has done, especially the work on drug abuse, is something I think can be replicated around the country.


While West Virginia has faced economic hardships Hunt said the three winning cities had not been discouraged.


“There will be cities that really rise above and do great things, amazing things, in spite of the fact that this is going to be a tough financial period,” Hunt said.


Logan City Clerk, Amber Viars said she believes the city has been able to rise above despite many challenges including the decline of the coal industry.


“The City of Logan always tries to be innovative and focus on bringing positive projects and events to our area,” Viars said. “This is what makes us amazing, we accept our challenges while raising the bar.”


Hunt said he views cities as laboratories for ideas and innovations.


“Some of them will try things and fail and some will try things and be successful,” Hunt said.
Regardless of the outcomes Hunt believes this gives cities an opportunity to learn from one another.


“It always has the ability to serve as an example both good and bad and I think that’s the beauty of cities in West Virginia,” Hunt said. “One city can learn from another and when they do the state’s better.”

Clara Maynard can be contacted at [email protected].