City council fails parking ordinance

Huntington City Council members failed an ordinance regarding parking for more than 48 hours 9-2 during the city council meeting Monday evening.

Councilwoman Rebecca Thacker sponsored the failed ordinance citing an incident regarding a couple’s car being towed.

Councilman David Ball said there was a lot of “misconceptions, misinformation and just misstatements” about the ordinance.

“This is not a new ordinance, it did not come from the mayor’s office except for on April 25, 1960 when it was originally introduced,” Ball said.

Ball said the original ordinance was created in order to help law enforcement officers.

“When we have these situations it’s a tool that the officers can use to get these unwanted vehicles out of neighborhoods,” Ball said. “Most of the time these vehicles are abandoned, flat tires, been there with a tree growing out of the engine compartment.”

An ordinance concerning the hotel occupancy tax was unanimously approved. The ordinance will put the city into compliance with the state’s recently passed amendments to the tax.

A memorandum of understanding allowing St. Mary’s Medical Center to qualify for the 340b Drug Pricing Program was unanimously approved.

An ordinance modifying article 529, sections 3 and 11 of the codified ordinances to include the words “inject or ingest in any fashion” to broaden the descriptions of illegal and illicit substances was moved to a second reading.

An ordinance authorizing mayor Steve Williams to enter into a contract to renovate the Big Sandy Superstore Arena Plaza Area was moved to a second reading.

A resolution authorizing Williams to enter into an operations agreement with the Greater Huntington Park & Recreation District and the Big Sandy Superstore Arena regarding Harris Riverfront Park was also moved to a second reading.

The next city council meeting is 7:30 p.m. April 25 in the City Council Chambers.

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