Tutoring schedule available for students


Marshall student, Mallory Newsome, utilizes the tutoring center.

The spring semester tutoring schedule is now available. Subjects available for tutoring include business, science, modern languages, math, social sciences and other miscellaneous subjects.

Patricia Gallagher, University College academic counselor and tutoring services coordinator, said tutoring services tries to offer courses where they know students normally ask for help.

“We try to cover all of the undergrad, like the freshman and sophomore level, courses that are in high demand for help,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher said tutoring is informal and students should bring notes, books and anything they have that could help the tutor help the student.

Students are tutored by peer tutors. Peer tutors must have at least a 3.0 GPA and an A or B in any subjects they are a tutor. Gallagher said if a tutor is not working out for a student, they can always check to see if there is another tutor for their subject.

Any Marshall student is eligible to request a tutor, whether the student is taking one course or a full course load. Students can drop-in for one tutoring session or request to have a repeating tutor.

Sophomore nursing major, Rachel Tennant tutors in math and science courses. Tennant said she mostly tutors in courses required for nursing, such as chemistry, anatomy and physiology.

Tennant said she will go over material where the student has specific questions, but sometimes a student just needs help. Tennant said she will help students with study tips and note taking strategies.

“For some things it’s easier than others, so when I teach anatomy, it’s more of a memorization a lot of the time, but for physiology, I explain it through a process,” Tennant said. “And a lot of the times we will use their book, but sometimes we won’t, because if they don’t understand their book it’s not going to help.”

Tennant said the book is a good guideline and from there, she can explain the subjects in terms that are easier to understand.

Tennant said she likes helping people, especially with physiology because she said that is the hardest class she has ever taken.

“So when I can help people and I see them get it that makes me feel good,” Tennant said.

Vinay Kumar Sarangandla is a pharmacist from India and is currently attending graduate school at Marshall University. Sarangandla is a tutor in biology and chemistry.

“For me, a tutor means to share knowledge of what he has or she has with a past experience and making a student who comes to him understand each and every point to his best,” Sarangandla said.

Sarangandla said his experience in pharmaceutical chemistry helps him better teach the students who come to him for tutoring.

“I love to be a tutor. This is the best place in campus for me to work,” Sarangandla said.

Sarangandla said his tutoring strategy depends on each student. Sarangandla said he makes sure each student has the basics and will make everything simple and short-cut before he goes on to more complex material.

The tutoring schedule for the spring 2016 semester can be found online at http://www.marshall.edu/uc/tutoring-services/ and at the University College office in Laidley Hall.

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