Undead Threads brings designs to life

Aundrea Horsley, Reporter

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Hayden Holstine and Nick Mason have been best friends for years. Now, they are also business partners who created the clothing line Undead Threads.

Holstine, junior business marketing major, and Mason, senior marketing major, have been planning to create their own clothing line since 2010.

“The idea for Undead Threads goes back to 2010,” Holstine said. “We got our business license last February and got our first design printed in Huntington. We sold those shirts through our friends and family, but since then, we have been selling them from our online store. We have a lot of hits on our website from people in the U.S. and overseas.”

Holstine said he and Mason fused their talents to create a good combination for a successful business.

“We wanted to start our own clothing line to be different,” Holstine said. “We thought we could take Nick’s graphic design skills and my marketing skills, put them together, and start our own clothing line.”

Mason said Undead Threads focuses on horror themes, a design scheme unique to this region.

“We are Undead Threads, so a lot of our stuff has to do with horror themes,” Mason said. “Now we are starting to do other things with more simple designs that the people are really liking. We haven’t really seen anyone around here doing what we are doing with this style of clothing and the quality of our designs.”

Holstine said the company is becoming more involved in the community in preparation for its spring line.

“We plan on attending a lot of local events in the future,” Holstine said. “We will be at a lot of 5k’s selling shirts and more haunted houses in October next year. We will be putting out a new line in the spring. We want to put everything out that the people want to see. We usually get on Facebook and ask people on a poll what they want to see. For Christmas, we are planning on designing beanies. That is one idea we have for the winter.”

Mason said he could see himself and Holstine running Undead Threads for the rest of their lives.

“I think for the big picture, this is what we want to do,” Mason said. “This is our plan for the rest of our lives. We want Undead Threads to be big. We want to be in all the stores. This is kind of our plan A for our lives.”

Mason said they also plan to work with local bands to help promote Undead Threads.

“Right now we are trying to form a connection with local bands,” Mason said. “We want bands on board so that fans will recognize Undead Threads on their favorite band.”

Holstine said he and Mason also use social media to help promote their business.

“We have a Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and a website, UndeadThreadsCo.com, that people can check out,” Holstine said.

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