Black United Students offer experience of live poetry at Black Koffee

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Marshall University students came out for live music and poetry Friday when the Black United Students hosted Black Koffee open mic night for the second year in a row.  This year, the organization had a bigger crowd and more student involvement. The night was full of poetry, singing, rapping and a live band.

“I enjoyed being able to witness everyone be so creative in expressing themselves,” said Yaris Mason, senior psychology major and co-host of the event. “Even though most people are nervous to share how they feel its really nice to see people sort of put their nerves to the side and express themselves in such a beautiful way.”

Many of the same faces from last year returned to participate and share their work again this year. The event also saw many new faces.

Deborah Pope, senior chemistry major, shared poetry for the first time at the event.

“I decided to share a poem I wrote because I had shared a poem that I wrote on social media and someone asked me to share it at Black Koffee and I said ‘yes’,” Pope said. “It was a really positive environment. No one was acting foolish.”

“I really enjoyed the live band this year,” said Jordan Burns, junior accounting major. “I came last year and I really enjoyed myself, I love to immerse myself in such a creative atmosphere.”

Students shared poetry and songs about many different things with topics ranging from love, culture and relationships.

“What brought me back out again was the energy; it’s an energy and passion you don’t get to see anywhere else,” said Khulud Khudur, graduate student and returning poet. “It’s a passion to express who you are and exploring our minds. So I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my passion as well as witness other people share theirs.”

Black United Students hopes to make Black Koffee a monthly event with growth each time.

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