The Thirst Project comes to Marshall


The Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that exists to raise awareness and bring solutions to the global water crisis. The organization travels across the United States speaking to students to educate them about the global water crisis and challenge them to fundraise to build freshwater wells.

In the past six years, the Thirst Project, which has partnered up with students has raised more than $8 million, 100 percent of which has been used to give more than 260,000 people in 12 countries safe and clean water.

They are looking to raise $12,000 and that money will go towards the building of a well for another country that does not have access to clean water. After the money is raised and the well is built, the John Marshall Emerging Leaders Institute will receive a video of the well being built and of the people who they helped drinking from it.

Graduate adviser for the John Marshall Emerging Leaders Institute Kelsea Ring said she is very excited for the fundraising to get underway.

“I know it’s a lot of money, but we can raise $12,000,” Ring said. “A dollar per person, 50 cents per person, anything really would really help raise for this well. They will send us a video of the people drinking from the well and building it, which I think is just awesome to be like ‘look what we did as the Marshall community’ to raise money for people who don’t have water at all, since we have it for free and they don’t have it at all.”

The first presentation will be Oct. 21 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center BE5. The first 48 attendees receive a free water bottle, games and information about The Thirst Project will also be available.

Senior psychology major Erin Burgess said she is looking forward to the first meeting because it gives her a chance to learn more about the project.

“I’ve heard about it before, but I’m not that educated about it,” Burgess said. “I can’t wait to learn more and find out what I can do to help.”

During the week of Homecoming, the John Marshall Emerging Leaders Institute will be collecting donations and passing out water at a table in the Memorial Student Center, and then at the Homecoming football game during tailgating. They will be going around with buckets to collect donations and spread awareness.

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