Chloe Hilliard keeps the crowd laughing at Thursday night’s show


Chloe Hilliard is a Brooklyn, New York-based comedian who brought her talents to Marshall.

Hilliard is a journalist-turned-comedian who received her education from New York University.

“I had been a journalist for a long time, then I realized people didn’t read anymore,” Hilliard said. “I spent a long time doing these long investigative pieces and the next thing you know I would go on the Internet and it would be gone in like 30 minutes. Also, my bosses started to say, ‘You’re doing these long pieces, can you do 25 stories a day?’ Just sit around a computer and take someone else’s work and just summarize it and I wasn’t doing that.”

Hilliard took a stand up class because she said she wanted to get into broadcast journalism to entertain people.

“At the end of the class I performed and my friends were like, ‘When is your next show?’ and I said I didn’t plan on any other shows. I decided to continue doing it because I already invested the time and here I am, five years later and now I’m a full-time comedian.”

Hilliard said her favorite types of crowds to perform in front of are the ones who do not take themselves too seriously.

“I think it’s really hard, because when you go to colleges, I think this is a very peace-y generation,” Hilliard said. “I’m not a dirty comic by any means, but you always have that one person who can find something offensive, something that doesn’t even relate to them or something they have never even experienced. Some people are very sympathetic so I try to get everyone to take a deep sigh of relief and understand that its just a show, we all have problems, but we all have things we can identify with.”

This is Hilliard’s first time in West Virginia. Hilliard she said she hasn’t experienced the town much, but plans to see what Huntington has to offer after her show.

“I know that the school is a very big part of the community,” Hilliard said. “I just got here two or three hours ago so I haven’t been able to drive around, but if you have a Wal-mart, you’re good.”

Marshall is Hilliard’s last college show for the year due to the approaching winter break, however when she heads back to New York, Hilliard said she will be performing there.

Campus Activity Board member Jake Saunders said he saw Hilliard perform on Last Comic Standing.

“She’s really funny,” Saunders said. “I love that we are bringing talent to our school from other areas.”

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