Homecoming Events and Campaigning Begin

It is homecoming season at Marshall University and the events and campaigning are underway.

Nominees for Miss Marshall were announced on Oct. 9. A total of 16 women and men are running for the positions of Miss and Mister Marshall.

The number of candidates will be shortened down after an interview process and the first round of voting on Oct. 15.

Students could cast votes starting on Tuesday and can continue to vote on the Memorial Student Center Plaza until Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students can stop by to meet candidates and ask candidates about what they have to offer.

Candidates are using social media to attract attention to the ballot and urge friends and followers to vote. Social media has also given candidates a unique chance to explain why they want to run, what organizations sponsor them and what the candidates are going to do if they win the title.

Sophomore engineering major, Andrew Mays said he isn’t sure of whom he is going to vote for yet.

“There are so many,” Mays said. “I’m not sure who I’m picking because I want to hear their platforms and what they are going to do it they win.”

The week of Oct. 18 will hold many events presented by the Marshall University Alumni Association, Student Government Association, the Office of Student Activities, Marshall University Black Alumni Association and the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

Marshall’s mascot, Marco will be around campus to support Homecoming 2015. This year’s theme is “Blast from The Past”. Marco will help the community relive the time of scrunchies, big hair and parachute pants.

Junior, communication disorders major, Jordan Blankenship said she thinks this year’s theme is amazing.

“I’m not sure who I’m picking because I want to hear their platforms and what they are going to do it they win.”

— Andrew Mays

“I love it,” Blankenship said. “It’s going to be so much fun to see how everyone dresses up and how much passion the people running for Mr. and Miss Marshall will put in to it. I also hope my professors get involved with the events, that would be so funny to watch.”

Senior public health major, Zachary Hill said this is his first year seeing the homecoming festivities.

“I’ve always had other stuff to do or I’ve had prior commitments,” Hill said. “I’m going to make sure I know when the events are and attend them.”

The second round of voting takes place on Oct. 20 and Oct. 22 in the MSC, following a unity walk.

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