The Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District hosted pumpkin painting



The Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District invited families to Ritter Park to paint pumpkins last night.

The event started at 6 p.m. and was expected to attract around 100 people. Over 200 people had arrived before the event had begun, requiring more pumpkins to be picked up in order to accommodate the people.

Alice Hall, Recreation Programmer for Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District, helped plan the event to get more kids outdoors and incorporate Halloween into the activity.

“It was an event for everyone to get out in the park and so something fun,” Hall said. “That was my plan, to let the kids come out and have fun and do something around the holidays.”

Aldi’s, Walmart, Kevin Brady of the GHPRD and the Park Board of Commissioners had a hand in making sure the event ran smoothly by providing supplies and a location for the pumpkin painting.

“Next year, we plan to having registration so we have enough pumpkins ahead of time,” Hall said.

Families were invited through Facebook and advertisements in the newspaper. Pre-registration was not required.

“This [event] was to advertise for the fantasy maze coming up on the 24th through the 31st and that’s where all the kids can come dress up and walk through a maze that is not scary,” Hall said. “It will be in Ritter Park too and that’s what this was about, to bring people out and tell them about the next events coming up.”

Six-year-old London Hatfield and three-year-old Alice Hatfield, arrived early and were able to each get a pumpkin from the batch. The two began quietly painting their pumpkins near a tree in the park.

“I’m painting a witch!” Alice Hatfield said as she smeared paint on the face of her pumpkin.

London Hatfield and Alice Hatfield are dressing up as Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen this year for Halloween. London and Alice Hatfield said they’re excited for candy but less excited to wear their costumes because they are “itchy.”

“She’s Anna and I’m Elsa,” London Hatfield said. “I’m not [excited], I’m gonna be itchy!”


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