The “Violauta Duo” performed Thursday at 7:30 in the Jomie Jazz Forum at Marshall University.

Extra seats start to be a necessity as the crowd swiftly flows through the doors of the Jomie Jazz Forum.

The overflow audience arches over the balcony as space becomes sparse on the first floor.

Then, harmonies band together between the flute and guitar as flutist Wendell Dobbs and guitarist Julio Alves begin the Violauta Duo recital.

The opening notes provide a feeling of wonder and mystery as Dobbs and Alves start the performance with Raffaele Bellafronte’s “The Way of My Senses.”

“Canyon Echos” by Katherine Hoover is a musical depiction of an Indian tale about a young couple that falls in love and is the second song performed by the duo.

“It’s always been one of my favorite pieces and I’m pleased that Dr. Alves agreed to bring it back out again,” Dobbs said. “Whereas the first piece that we played was where there’s no particular story, you just sort of create in your own mind what the music might inform you about. This next one actually tells a story.”

Dobbs and Alves then evoke emotion throughout the room and the tension entwined in this musical story can be sensed.

The piece begins with the soft sound of the flute calling out into the wind.

Suddenly, the guitar catches onto its rhythm and so begins the uprising of the young man and woman’s love.

Pressure builds between the instruments as the story unfolds.

A brief moment of silence slows down the pace as the flute sends out a lonely cry of melodies.

The sweet sound of remembrance echoes from guitar to flute as the story of young love finds an end.

Alves expression of joy while playing leaves a reminiscence of excitement for the audience to pick up on.

“I tried several times to really understand how my passion for the guitar came to be, but I guess it wasn’t me,” Alves said. “I prefer to think it found me, I didn’t find it.”

The next pieces by Giorgio Signorile called “November Landscapes” and “Tell Me a Story” bring forth relaxation with a peaceful tune that hypnotizes the room with every strum of a chord.

The evening concludes with “Nocturne” and “Allegro” by Lowell Liebermann and that’s where the story ends in “The Way of My Senses” Violauta Duo.