Transportation Survey Available to Students

Student Body Vice President, Izzy Rogner and Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Carla Lapelle, made a survey available to students in hopes of finding out what steps are next in advancing the progress of their proposed transportation system.

Rogner and Lapelle have concluded their focus groups with 4 different organizations on campus including international students, Visual Art Center students, the executive staff and a Freshman UNI class.

Rogner said through these focus groups, she and Lapelle received a lot of feedback from the students and now understand what types of services and benefits students are hoping to get out of the system.

“A lot of students are wanting a transportation system for safety reasons and recreational reasons,” Rogner said.

The survey, created by Rogner and Lapelle for Marshall students, includes questions to help determine how often the transportation system needs to operate, where the system is going to run, what times most students would use the transportation system, how much students would be willing to pay for use of the transportation system and what the students’ current form of transportation is.

“A lot of students are wanting a transportation system for safety reasons and recreational reasons.”

— Izzy Rogner

Samantha Davenport, a senior Health Science major, said the survey was very straightforward and asked questions that would be beneficial to deciding how to execute the plans for the transportation system.

“The survey asked clear questions and will give Izzy an idea on what is in demand for the student body,” Davenport said. “Anyone can complete the survey in just a few minutes and it would be really beneficial in planning the transportation system.”

Rogner plans to attend Greek organizations’ meetings and have members take the survey. After that, Rogner plans on setting up a table in the Memorial Student Center where students will be randomly chosen to complete the survey.

Rogner is unsure if the transportation system will be running by the end of this school year, but Rogner hopes for the system to be running as soon as possible.

Cadi Duplaga can be contacted at [email protected]