Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Activities Board and Campus Activities Board raise money and awareness for breast cancer

Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Student Activities Board and the Campus Activities Board are hosting Songs for Hope, a fundraiser for Breast Cancer patients in the area.

Toronto, Canada based Acapella group, EH440, will be performing at the event and so will Alpha Sigma Phi’s own, DJ Ryhs Rogers. The fundraiser will kick off at Pullman Square, on Thursday Oct. 8 and will be free for students with a valid Marshall University ID.

EH440 was founded in 2012. The band consists of Janet Turner, Stacey Kay, Luke Stapleton, Mike Celia and Joe Olivia. The five-piece group released their debut album “Turn Me Up” in May of 2014 and are currently in the process of working on their next album.

To raise money for patients, t-shirts will be sold during the event for $10, and a total of 8 gift baskets will be silently auctioned off during the event. The baskets will contain at least $50 of goods.

Chase Chapman, who is in charge of the event, said that the baskets will be as great way to raise a large amount of money for The Good Samaritan Fund at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

“Giving back to this great cause while also enjoying unique music groups bring the Huntington and Marshall Community together for a lot of fun,” said CAB Advisor, Sarah Dyke.

Senior psychology major, Erin Burgess, said she thinks the event will bring a lot of people to Pullman Square.

“Everyone knows and loves the Pitch Perfect franchise and I think that acapella singing has a big following,” Burgess said. “It is also all for a good cause, so I think a lot of people will show up.”

Senior psychology major, Kayli Williams, said that she thinks the event is a great way to raise awareness about breast cancer.

“Acapella is something that amazes me and my friends so I think we will really enjoy it.”

— Andrew Mays

“Everyone either knows someone or is related to someone that has dealt with cancer. My friend’s grandma beat breast cancer a few years ago, which is incredible, but there are still some people that unfortunately don’t beat it,” Williams said. “I think Songs for Hope will really inspire people to get checked and hopefully encourage women to get mammograms. October is such an important month with it being breast cancer awareness month. I’ll be at the event with my pink ribbon pin on my shirt.”

Sophomore engineering major, Andrew Mays, said he is looking forward to the event.

“It’s something to do and it is free,” Mays said “Acapella is something that amazes me and my friends so I think we will really enjoy it.”

Rogers will begin his set at 5 p.m. and EH440 will begin around 6 p.m.

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