Right to bear arms comes with problems that need attention

How many more people have to die before we realize we have a gun problem in this country? The shooting at Delta State University was an isolated incident and nowhere near the level of destruction of other recent mass shootings, but three people still lost their lives due to gun violence.

People will keep saying guns aren’t the problem and banning guns isn’t the solution, and they aren’t entirely wrong. But guns also didn’t help the situation.

The gun used in that particular crime was a .38-caliber handgun, and handguns in general are used in many crimes, and it wouldn’t hurt law-abiding citizens if handguns were more restricted.

We have a ton of issues to resolve as a society and gun violence is a big and multifaceted one.

Making background checks more thorough and waiting periods longer to purchase fire arms will help the situation some, but we need to make this a discussion we are having and something we are working together to solve.

As a people we should not and will not have our right to bear arms taken away. We have made that very clear, but our right to bear arms is in order to defend ourselves if the government should become oppressive.

The argument of the only thing that is going to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun isn’t comforting. Any person who thinks of her or himself as a “good guy with a gun” is likely going to be trigger-happy and looking for a problem to solve. And so far as recent violence is concerned, a “good guy with a gun” has stopped none of it.

We need to work on our mental health system, we need to abolish this culture of fame associated with gun violence, but we also need to be able to give a little when it comes to gun control.