Bus System Progresses

Student Body Vice President, Izzy Rogner,, and Student Affairs Associate Dean, Carla Lapelle, make progress on the student bus system.

Rogner and Lapelle held a focus group Friday, Sept. 11 in the Student Government office. The focus group lasted from noon until 1 p.m.

During the focus group, both Lapelle and Rogner asked questions to get a student perspective on the bus system. The questions varied from the use of the bus system, the destinations, pick-ups and drop-offs and times.

Most of the students brought up the safety factor the bus system could provide. No student should be walking through downtown Huntington alone, especially not during the late hours of the night.

“Marshall has a safe campus, but our students go beyond the campus.”

— Carla Lapelle

Lapelle agreed that the students’ safety is important and is one of the goals of the new bus system.

“Marshall has a safe campus, but our students go beyond the campus,” said Lapelle. “Anything that we might consider to improve their safety when they are outside our walls is something we should consider.”

Another discussion brought up by the students was students who do not have cars. The bus system could provide students with access to downtown Huntington as well as other locations in Huntington, depending on the routes the student body finds most important.

Rogner said that the bus system would be beneficial to students and would help the students engage in the downtown area more.

“I think the bus system is going to have a positive turn out for Marshall students,” said Rogner. “I think we have a lot more research to do and that’s our next step. We got a lot of feedback from our first focus group and to see where that expands to and to see if it’s needed by the students like we think it is.”

Rogner and Lapelle plan to hold several focus groups including groups from Greek life, the residence halls and international relations.

Cadi Duplaga can be contacted at duplaga2marshall.edu