COB Hall of Fame

Marshall University College of Business is creating a video to showcase the College of Business Hall of Fame to current and future students.

The COB Hall of Fame event took place Wednesday Sept. 9 at 10 a.m. in the Memorial Student Center Shawkey room.

Since the COB has been in existence, 21,000 students have graduated from the program but there are only 90 members in the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame members are able to speak to and engage with current students. The students get to know the members while the hall of famers provide students with tips and tidbits as well as demonstrate different leadership qualities and characteristics that have helped them strive.

Interim President, Gary White, spoke at the Hall of Fame event about integrity, influencing others and innovation.

“West Virginia is one of those places where you do have to find your own opportunities, they’re not just going to come knocking on the door at you.”

— Izzy Rogner

Student Government Association President and Vice President, Duncan Waugaman and Izzy Rogner, interviewed White at the event and said they learned a few new things about White and his life in the business world.

White has had quite a journey working towards his current position. He discussed the steps he took leading up to his success. White said that students should take advantage of the opportunities given to them and learn how to have a voice in decisions but still know where the line is in making those decisions.

Rogner was especially impressed by the way White made the best of the opportunities given to him being born and raised in West Virginia and felt that the students were influenced to copy what he did.

“West Virginia is one of those places where you do have to find your own opportunities, they’re not just going to come knocking on the door at you,” Rogner said.

Both Rogner and Waugaman said White was very influential and that White’s success story was inspiring.

“I thought they [those in attendance] really liked having that personal side with President White and also his business side because a lot of the times I think that we only see the presidential side,” Rogner said. “It was cool to see what he did in his business life. It’s interesting to see his work from a business standpoint instead of a higher education standpoint.”

Waugaman said he enjoyed how Mr. White explained that you have to work hard and always try your best in order to be successful.

“When he became the CEO of Black Hawk Mining, which is an international business, it was a previous CEO watching him from afar from all these years,” Waugaman said. “He wasn’t working at his job to work up to his position. Someone is always watching, you don’t know where or why but you always have to be on your best behavior and put your best foot forward.”

The COB plans to continue bringing members of the Hall of Fame to Marshall to speak to students in hopes that they can help inspire young scholars to go out and succeed.

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