West Virginia Festival of Trumpets returns for its 19th year


Tyler Payne, junior music education major at Marshall University, performs at the 19th annual West Virginia Festival of Trumpets Saturday.

The Marshall University School of Music and Theatre presented its 19th annual West Virginia Festival of Trumpets Saturday.
Steven Trinkle, interim director of bands, said students from schools around the area and Marshall students attended the festival.
“We had people from the community band and the Huntington community band,” Trinkle said. “We had many, many high school students from different high schools and then we had university students.”
Trinkle began the festival with a master class, which addressed students’ questions about trumpet technique.
Along with the master class, Trinkle also taught individual and group lessons.
“We talked about various technical things about playing the instrument and how these people might go through this process to make themselves better players,” Trinkle said. “Some of the people asked specific questions like how to do certain things on the instrument, and I worked with them in that manner.”
The festival ensemble rehearsed after the class. Students rehearsed with an accompanist in order to prepare for the festival concert.
”The idea, actually, is to bring community members and prospective students into the campus and then to build on the knowledge that our students here have,” Trinkle said. “So it’s really kind of a community project.”
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