SPRING HAS SPRUNG: What will you wear?

Blue, yellow, white, kimonos, wedges

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Styles from New York Fashion Week are either being adopted or hated by fashionistas of the world.

Some of the trends are completely unreasonable for everyday wear for college students, but some trends can be worn comfortably and loved by students, adults and anyone who shows an interest in keeping their style up-to-date.

Blue and white were seen on the runway a lot, along with two trends that are new to the season: head-to-toe all black, and head-to-toe all white.

“The runway was full of combinations of blue, yellow and white,” said Bradley McCoy, a men’s fashion advocate and fashion enthusiast. “While yellow is kind of always seen as a spring color, the shades of blue and white really surprised me. It’ll be interesting to see if the colors show up in stores soon.”

Another notable color trend on the runway is one of the classic combos: black and white.

While black and white can be seen as kind of classic and timeless colors, and were worn often together as the head-to-toe trends, the runway is mixing it up by pairing them together with different patterns.

“I am so happy to see patterns on patterns becoming popular again,” said Casey Adkins, student and fashion enthusiast. “It’s a trend I’ve been wanting to come back.”

One item appearing again is the kimono, and they were all over the runway in different forms.

“The two main spring fashion trends I have seen so far are destroyed boyfriend jeans, over-sized kimonos, and wedged booties,” Adkins said. “Kimonos were a big trend that was introduced last year and have already made an appearance in so many different spring lines from different designers.”

Adkins said her favorite spring trend is definitely boyfriend jeans.

“Boyfriend jeans are so cute and you can pair them with anything,” Adkins said. “I love wearing them because if I want to dress them up I can wear them with a blazer, and if I want to be causal I can wear them with a cute pocket tee.”

Boyfriend jeans aren’t the only comfortable trend this spring. Baggy clothes are still in fashion, and the runway was full of baggy pants with slim, cropped tops.

Despite Adkins’ love for fashion, there is one trend coming back she said she absolutely hates: halter-tops.

“Halter-tops are so ugly and unflattering,” Adkins said. “I hate that they’re coming back.”

Although McCoy hasn’t yet figured out his favorite trend of spring 2015, he has come to two decisions about the trends he saw on the runway: he is really happy hunter green is staying in style, and he hates button up skirts.

“I still don’t know why button up skirts are a thing,” McCoy said. “It’s like dresses that zip all the way up or down. It just looks cheap, and I think it’s a poor excuse for a trend. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re so unflattering, and no matter how I see them worn I think they look awful. Friends don’t let friends wear button-up skirts.”

McCoy said he thinks the most wearable trends on the runway were long kimono cover-ups, long shirts belted and worn as dresses, and any neutral color skirts or shirts with modern cuts.

Adkins said her favorite go-to outfit in the spring is a sundress layered with an oversized sweater with combat boots.

“That has been my go-to outfit for a while,” Adkins said. “It’s comfy, dressy and casual, all at once.”

McCoy said his favorite trend is colored jeans with button up shirts.

“You can’t go wrong wearing a nice pair of maroon jeans with a nice denim button up,” McCoy said. “You can pair a sweater with it and make it casual and comfy, you can roll up your sleeves and put nice shoes and a bow-tie with it, or you can just wear it alone. You will never be too dressed up, or too casual. It’s the perfect go-to.”

J. Crew, Frame Denim and Veronica Beard brought back a trend making a lot of people cringe: flared pants. After almost five years of only skinny jeans being in style, flares have worked their way back on the runway.

Tory Burch, Polo Ralph Lauren and Alexander Wang all brought another old trend back to the runway: polo shirts.

Models also strutted down the runway wearing aprons. The most common way was over a medium-length dress, with sandals.

According to Glamour magazine, “A new layering trick for the more daring fashion gal. Rock a skirt, whether short or long, over a dress for a visually stimulating look with an extra dose of coolness.”

An apron for an extra dose of coolness, there’s some food for thought.

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