Natalie Boeyink Performs in Artist Series


Kaitlyn Clay

Natalie Boeyink plays the bass with Zach Arbogast on piano and Steve Hall on drums Wednesday at the Jomie Jazz Center.


Natalie Boeyink, a bassist, violinist, pianist, composer and educator, performed Wednesday as a part of the Marshall University Jomie Jazz Guest Artists Series.

Zach Arbogast played the piano and Steve Hall played the drums, joined by Boeyink on bass.

The set included a number of songs Boeyink wrote, along with a number of cover songs by various artists.

Boeyink said she wrote one of her favorite songs for her niece.

“I wrote ‘Full Moon Baby’ for my niece because she was born on a full moon,” Boeyink said.

“I wrote the song for her in a New Orleans style in hopes she enjoys that genre one day.”

Ashley Thompson, a Marshall student, said she was anxious to hear more jazz music after the show.
“This really makes me want to go out and buy some jazz music,” Thompson said. “I never expected to like it this much.”

Boeyink said she is influenced mainly by New Orleans music.

“The trio I am in does a lot of music that is African based,” Boeyink said. “That could be Afro-Carribean, Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and then of course my favorite, New Orleans jazz. I believe, as well as a lot of scholars, New Orleans is the upper most point of this great Caribbean of the sea and makes it the music we are most interested in.”

Boeyink stayed after the show to sell her newly produced CD and talk to audience members about her show.

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