…you can leave your friends behind. Dance bands to grace V-Club stage

Get your dancing shoes ready.

The V-Club will welcome three bands to the stage Saturday.

The M.F.B., The Settlement and Beggars Clan are local bands performing funk, jazz and reggae.

Colten Settle of the Settlement is a Marshall University jazz studies major who has been playing locally since 2010.

The first time I played in Huntington was Java Joint, where Black Sheep (Burritos and Brews) used to be, at Open Mic Night,Settle said.

The Huntington community has been supportive of the band as they attract more people with each show.

We seem to get more and more people out every time we play and just kind of spread through word of mouth,Settle said. It has just continued to grow and it keeps getting better every show.

“It’s a blending of a lot of groove oriented funky styles, funk, hip-hop, R&B, dance and everything in between. Anything that gets the booty moving.”

— Parry Casto

Parry Casto, M.F.B. lead singer, has been playing since 2002 and is in year three with his band.

Theyre really supportive, we just haven’t had an opportunity to play a lot in Huntington, there are not really a lot of venues to play,Casto said. Sometimes its hard to get in on a bill and it doesn’t always pay the best. But weve had a great response.

The Settlements style is a mixture of many different elements of music coming together for a unique high-energy sound.

We combine a lot of elements of jazz and funk music, its kind of a fusion of those two things, its also blended with rock, blues and R&B music,Settle said. Just about everything honestly.

Similarly, the M.F.B. is a fusion of different sounds creating a funky atmosphere for its audience.

Its a blending of a lot of groove oriented funky styles, funk, hip-hop, R&B, dance and everything in between,Casto said. Anything that gets the booty moving.

Settle first picked up the violin at 9 years old and began playing guitar and bass at 12. He learned to play music by watching his dad play.

I actually never had any private lessons until I came to college,” Settle said. “I just learned by going to bluegrass festivals and watching the old timers play, and hung out with my dad a lot and his buddies that play music. Then I kind of forged my own way. Since I came to college Ive had a decent amount of lessons.

Beggars Clan is a reggae band pulling musical inspirations from the great reggae singers and bands that complement their laid back style.

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