V-Club Weekend Wrap-Up

Country music fills the V-Club bill

Four country music artists performed this weekend at the V-Club.

Singer-songwriter Chris Knight, accompanied by one guitarist, stayed true to his laid back style Friday.

Knight performed songs from his most recent album, Little Victories.

Sasha Colette and The Magnolias also performed Friday.

Colette, from Olive Hill, Kentucky, said she has spent years building a fan base in Huntington.

Colette said it is hard to place the band in a specific genre.

“When I try to explain it to people I try to tell them it’s like a female Tom Petty,” Colette said. “Whatever you envision as cool that’s what we are. It’s kind of hard to place us, but I think that’s kind of a cool problem to have because that means you’re completely original and there is no label to put on it. I like to call it original Rock n’ Roll.”

Colette performed original songs with a few Patsy Cline covers thrown into the mix. Colette said the song she is most proud of is “Leroy” off of her Riding Away album.

“It’s about a girl [from a] rural part of the county,” Colette said. “It’s about a girl from Wayne County actually, and that type of lifestyle. She gave up her daddy’s name to marry Leroy.”

Sasha Colette and the Magnolias play regularly throughout the Tri-State area, returning to Huntington Thursday to play a solo show at Black Sheep Burrito and Brews.

Jeremy McComb performed Saturday as he sang a mixture of original and classic country covers.

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, McComb is signed to the independent label Parallel/New Revolution Records where he produces music he has complete, creative control over.

“The difference between being with a big record label and an independent record label is that you can kind of control your brand,” McComb said. “So if you’re at a big record label you have a lot of people that have a lot of influence on your look, your image, your photos, your art, your music, you have a lot of people helping you pick songs if you’re not writing so for me, I get to control everything in my brand from top to bottom and make something that I’m really proud to put out.”

McComb has released multiple records and singles, but the songs he is most proud of haven’t been released.

“I think every record you do you find a little piece, so I think it just depend where you’re at in your career and what record you’re on and where you’re at mindset wise,” McComb said. “One I’m proudest of at the moment is one called “Yours in the Morning,” which hasn’t even come out yet, and I think it will touch a lot of people so I’m excited about that.”

McComb said he is currently traveling on his “FM” tour.

Opening for McComb, The Jordan Reeves Band set the stage with their country/rock performance.

Jordan Reeves, lead singer and guitarist, complemented Huntington’s support to their music.

“The adrenaline you get when you get the feedback from the crowd,” Reeves said. “We play music because we love it. It’s really cool to convey what you have to say into a song and people believe it.”

Reeves said he has been performing since the age of 15. Reeves said his grandmother played a role in his love for music.

“I was about to turn nine years old, I always wanted to play music ever since I could remember,” Reeves said. “Finally my grandma bought me an early birthday present. She spent $400 for a Little Big Baby Taylor, an acoustic six string, and she goes ‘you better learn how to play something on this, I didn’t buy it for nothing.’ I took lessons for about six weeks then I started playing bluegrass music.”

According to Reeves, the next step for the band is to produce a new album, get signed by a label and get their name into the music community through writing.

Kelsie Lively can be contacted at [email protected].