Students Run Period Drive

A “Period Drive” will be happening throughout the month of March to help ensure that feminine hygiene products will be available to all who need them. The “Period Drive” is being held and organized by two Marshall University students.  

Grace Cox and Mallory Stanley are currently working with the Women’s and Gender Center to help ensure that period products will be available in several locations on campus. Cox majors in environmental science and political science, while Stanley majors in history and psychology.  

Collection bins will be located in several places on campus, the goal is to ensure that period products will be available, said the event organizers Grace Cox and Mallory Stanley.  

According to Stanley, “Our goal is to have enough period products to provide every first-floor academic building bathroom.”  

Cox and Stanley will have collections bins placed in several spots on campus: one in the lobby of Old Main, one in Twin Towers East, one in the Student Center lobby, and another in Commons for the whole month of March. 

 Along with the various bins across campus, Stanley and Cox will also be tabling in the Student Center on Mar. 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to provide more information to those who might have questions. While the two table in the student center, they also created a QR link for fundraising.  

“We worked with Leah Tolliver from the Women’s and Gender Center to create a QR link that people are able to donate money through,” Cox said. “It’s a direct link to the Women’s and Gender Center. So, people have the option to donate directly to them.” 

The inspiration for the event came from the Student Government Association’s toy drive back in December. “We talked to Michelle Biggs about where the best places to put the bins, and she told us about what the SGA did for the toy drive. Those locations seemed to be the best places to put them.”