Members of Thundering Herd Battalion to join CULP program

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Christopher Gonzales, left, Tyler Foster and Keith Schemel pose to display their CULP destinations.

Three members of the Marshall University Thundering Herd Battalion are traveling across the world during the summer for the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program.

Christopher Gonzales, Keith Schemel and Tyler Foster were chosen out of thousands of applicants selected for the program.

Each was assigned different orders, and each will go to a different place.

Gonzales is assigned to Burkina Faso, Africa to teach English to the military forces, and Foster is assigned to Slovenia to train with ground forces and work to gain a middle ground with their military tactics and U.S. military tactics.

Schemel has yet to receive his orders, but he said he knows he will be going to Slovakia.

Foster said he thinks it will be cool to work outside of the U.S.

“It can be anything under the sun from sitting behind a desk to shooting guns,” Schemel said.

“I’ve never been to Europe before,” Foster said. “I think it will be really cool to work with another NATO country.”

CULP sends cadets around the world to gain an understanding of how foreign cultures view the U.S. and to learn more about themselves while working on humanitarian services.

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