Student gain real-life experience

Marshall University allows seniors, majoring in education, to earn pay substitute teaching after they pass their Teacher Performance Assessment. On days they are not called to be a substitute, they remain in the classroom finishing their observation hours for the remainder of the semester. 

Sabrina Chambers, a senior in the College of Education, is thankful for Marshall University allowing her to do this. She is able to further her resume and experience through this program. 

“For me, I have loved the opportunity to grow as a teacher. I feel this helps me see multiple methods of teaching throughout the various classrooms I have subbed for and help me realize what kind of teacher I want to be,” Chambers said. 

For Chambers, her favorite part is being able to spot what works well in each classroom. Through subbing, she has been able to encounter personal pros and cons of how each teacher has set up the flow of their classroom. She is able to take a step back and take in what is happening to the students in their current environment. 

“I am able to see what is working and what isn’t working for all different types of students. I am thankful Marshall University has allowed me to further my education before graduating this spring,” Chambers said. 

Chambers is excited to see where the future takes her post-graduation. Through her experiences, student teaching and being a substitute, she feels prepared for the next chapter in her life. 

“I’m glad I choose Marshall University to further my education. By doing so, I feel adequately prepared for what the future holds,” Chambers said. v

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